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MIMAC ITALIA S.R.L. boasts a more than ten years experience in the production of pastry machinery and is now acknowledged in all the world market as a very dynamic company specialized in the manufacturing of the following equipment:
- Computerized dosing/dropping machines;
- Rotary moulders for shortbread biscuits and tart bases;
- Dosing machines for filled shortbread biscuits;
- Dosing/injecting machines for creams and jams;
- Make-up tables for pastry;
- Lines for dosing, filling, decorating various products.
The company has achieved significant recognition for the quality and reliability of its machinery, which has enabled us to gain important shares of some sectors in the world market, in particular that of the small and medium pastry workshops.


 MIMAC ITALIA S.R.L. manufacturing philosophy is based on the following qualifying points:
- Flexibility: with or without some optional accessories, a wide range of products can be realized;
- Ease of use and maintenance: thanks to a simple control panel with a multi-function display;
- Food hygiene and safety: machines designed with no corners or "dead" points and in accordance with the regulations in force
  regarding the use of materials in contact with food stuff; possibility of total or partial disassembly of the parts for cleaning;
- Continuous technological updating: testing and use of more and more powerful and reliable electronic components and
  constant refining of the mechanics. Designs anticipating the regulations concerned with machinery for processing food
  stuff and with safety devices.

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