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Type of products
- Stationary mould
- Multiple nozzles
- Pump head
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Technical specifications
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Dosing unit rollers type

Dosing unit rollers type

The dosing unit rollers type extrudes and pours stiff pastries by pressing the dough through the nozzles assembled on the mould, thus forming a wide variety of different shapes, with excellent uniformity of size and weight. The adapters for soft pastries, suitably fitted inside the hopper, allow whipped or particularly creamy mixes to be processed with the same dosing unit.


Dosing unit gears pump type

Dosing unit gears pump type

The dosing unit gears pump type is complementary to and interchangeable with the rollers unit.
The outward rotation of the toothed rollers causes a delicate suction of the dough from the hopper. Dough is then passed throughout the nozzles without altering its texture, giving to products a lighter weight and an increased volume after baking (lady’s fingers, plum cakes, madeleines, etc.).

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