Encrusting machine - Magica

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Encrusting machine - Magica

MAGICA is the new machine designed by MIMAC ITALIA S.r.l. for the production of filled shortbread biscuits. Thanks to its structure in stainless steel and aluminium, MAGICA is a strong and reliable machine. The motors at variable speed and the numerous equipment make possible the production of a wide range of biscuits with cream or jam filling.

- Steel and aluminium structure, assembled on wheels
- Stainless steel panelling
- Dough extruder with two toothed rollers at variable speed
- Pump unit gears type for filling at variable speed
- Closing-cutting device 1-row shutter type at variable speed
- Products outlet belt at variable speed
- Automatic discharging of the products onto trays by retractile belt system
- Automatic adjustment of the number of rows and of the phasing of the products discharging onto tray
- Trays conveyor in stainless steel and aluminium, with adjustable standing feet and trays piling unit
- Max production: 3.600 pieces/hour
- Electro-pneumatic working: 220V 50Hz - 6 BAR
- Electric absorption: 1.5 kW

Encrusting machine - Magica
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