Mimac Italia srl- Dosing filling machines bench type suitable to inject filling, deposit onto moulds, meter stuffing products
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Injecting machines MDR

Technical specifications
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Dosing filling machine MDR


Dosing-Filling machine, bench model, suitable to inject fillings, to deposit cup cakes, to meter products, etc. The machine can be fitted with numerous accessories which allow a wide of workings in pastry field, such as filling croissants and doughnuts with custard or jam, depositing cup cakes, sponge-cake, plum-cakes, or metering syrups, sauces, honey, mayonnaise, yoghurt, etc.

Technical specifications:
- Steel and aluminium structure
- Stainless steel covering panels
- Dosing unit pump gears type, extractable and completely knockdown for daily cleaning
- Rotating elements in food plastic material
- Stainless steel hopper capacity 18 litres approx.
- Time or direct dosing
- Time or manual starting system
- Timer dosing time adjustment
- Timer for anti-dropping adjustment
- One speed dosing motor (MDR100)
- Dosing motor at variable speed (MDR300-MDR350)
- Digital control panel for working functions regulation (MDR350)
- Voltage 400V three-phase (MDR100)
- Voltage 220 V single-phase (MDR300-MDR350)
- Materials in touch with food according to law

Standard equipment:
- Rubber hose with gun and manual starting button
- No. 3 interchangeable outlet spouts
- Spout for cream puffs diameter 5 x 50 mm
- Spout to stuff diameter 8 x 100 mm
- Spout at two exits diameter 6 x 95 mm pitch 90 mm

- Stainless steel trolley complete with pivoting wheels
- Pedal starting unit
- Special spouts designed on request
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