Pastry dosing-filling machines DP Mimac

Top precision thanks to the pneumatic operation

Highly versatile dosing device used to fill moulds or containers of any size, inject, fill and decorate cakes. It can be used alone or inserted in line. Dosing may be adjusted via variable manual hand wheel from 20 to 1000 cc.

50 lt
Hopper capacity


20.100 NL/ora
Maximum air consumption

Steel structure DP Mimac

Aluminium structure and stainless steel cover. All parts coming in contact with foodstuffs can easily be taken apart and washed.

Vertical dosing device designed for optimal and accurate dosing.

Vertical dosing device DP Mimac
Accessories Dosing-filling machine DP Mimac

Vast range of accessories, even on demand, leaving ample room for the pastry chefs’ creativity.

Compressed air activation
Anti-dripping device
Fixed cart or height-adjusting on request
Height-adjusting front tray support (on request)
Maximum production 40 cycles per minute approximately
Dimensions 1350 x 620 x H 1865 mm
Weight 110 kg
Operating pneumatic pressure 6 bar
*Data are approximate: productivity varies based on the set parameters.