Dropping machine Babydrop Twist Mimac

Minimum space requirement, excellent performance

Intermediate version which, thanks to the nozzles rotation system, allows pastry chefs to broaden the range of the deposited products.

400-450 mm
Tray width

Cycles/min deposited*

55 mm
Maximum stroke

Steel Dropping Machines

Stainless steel and aluminium structure with stainless steel covers.
All parts coming in contact with foodstuffs can easily be taken apart and washed.

7’’ colour touch screen: images and controls make programming easy and intuitive, capable of memorizing up to 200 recipes.

Display Touch Dropping Machines
Accessories Dropping Machines

A large range of moulds and nozzles, even on demand, allows for the realization of products in a large variety of forms and dimensions.

Dosing unit with Ø65 mm PET rollers
Electronically controlled variable speed of the dosing rollers
Electronic control of the table height position
Variable speed motor powered nozzle rotation
Front USB port for recipe saving and restoring (on request)
Tray width 400 450
Dimensions 970 x 735 x H 685 mm 970 x 755 x H 685 mm
Weight 135 kg 145 kg
Hopper capacity roller head 21 l 24 l
Hopper capacity pump head 19 l 22 l
Power supply 200-240 V – 50/60 Hz – 1ph 200-240 V – 50/60 Hz – 1ph
*Data are approximate: productivity varies based on the set parameters.