Pastry lines Muffin Line Mimac

High performance for large quantities of muffins and plumcakes

High performance compact line for volumetric dosing of products poured on preformed baking trays, moulds or paper cups. Maximum dosage accuracy guaranteed thanks to the single cylinders.

55 lt
Hopper capacity


10.000 NL/ora
Maximum air consumption

Dosing group pastry line Muffin Line Mimac

Volumetric dosing group and stainless steel hopper.

Equipped with single cylinders.

Independent cylinders pastry line Muffin Line Mimac
Touch Screen Pastry Line Muffin Line Mimac

Easy to use touch screen.

Dosing may be adjusted through suitable hand wheel equipped with numeric indicator
Upward movement of the dosing group for product detachment
Adjustable anti-dripping device
Automatic feeding of baking trays with electronic control
Dimensions 2900 x 1300 x H 1500 mm
Weight 370 kg
Power supply 230 V – 50/60 Hz – 1ph
*Data are approximate: productivity varies based on the set parameters.