Dosing-filling machine DPV Mimac

Top precision thanks to the pneumatic operation

Pneumatic dosing-injecting device ideal for dosing of creams, marmalades and semi-dense or liquid mixtures. Guaranteed maximum accuracy of the dosing quantity thanks to the piston-cylinder system. A vast range of accessories is available: needle injection nozzles, dosing devices with multiple outlets and start pedal.

15 lt
Hopper capacity

Cycles/h *

7300 NL/ora
Maximum air consumption

Aluminium structure DPV

Aluminium structure and stainless steel cover. All parts coming in contact with foodstuffs can easily be taken apart and washed.

Stainless steel dosing group, completely extractable.

Dosing group DPV
Accessories DPV

Vast range of accessories, even on demand, leaving ample room for the pastry chefs’ creativity.

Connector for injection gun or pedal control
Anti-dripping device
Pneumatic supply 6 bar
Dimensions 300 x 750 x H 685 mm
Weight 40 kg
Adjustable dosing 40-125 cc (Ø40)
*Data are approximate: productivity varies based on the set parameters.